David Novak

“Storytelling is the original virtual reality”

From humorous to thought-provoking …  Entertainer, story performer and educator David Novak will spark your senses with original wit and rhyme. His command of the spoken word is both physical yet as subtle as spring rain. 

A telling moment at the mic





Whether it’s a fully packed auditorium, an intimate gathering, or team-building for the business professional, David is at ease on and off stage making everyone feel equally at home.  He’ll get the message across in an engaging and entertaining way. 



David Novak's animated storytelling

David Novak combines the simple magic of theatre with the evocative movements and voices of the master storyteller. Recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Network, Novak is a master of all storytelling genres bringing hundreds of stories to life. Whether performing at the National Storytelling Festival before thousands or in front of a small group of wide-eyed children, audiences savor each sentence and anxiously anticipate the next. He immerses himself so completely in a story and embodies each character. His love of telling is inescapable.

2002 ORACLE Award from the National Storytelling Network

David is Artistic Director of A Telling Experience, telling stories to enrich discourse, entertain imagination, engage emotion, and discover our common ground. He has been described as a “master of literary collage” for his unique style of narrative combinatorics. David is an internationally touring storyteller and veteran of the National Storytelling Festival. He keynotes for numerous library and educational conferences, including the Sydney International Storytelling Conference, Czech Children’s Theatre Festival, and American Alliance for Theatre in Education. David is a U.S. citizen living in Asheville, North Carolina.